What went wrong for Republicans?

What’s at the core of why the Republicans lost so spectacularly on Tuesday? Why did a President, facing a juggernaut of anti-Obama super PAC money, a struggling economy, and above average unemployment, still manage to win? The political arithmetic just didn’t add up for President Obama. And yet, he still won and so did the Democratic Party across the board. I actually wrote a long post about this but decided to scrap it. There are too many good postmortems by Republican commentators about why they lost and what’s needed if the GOP is going to ever be a viable governing alternative.

But one particular piece of forensic analysis hits right at the root cause of why Mitt Romney lost and why ultimately the defeat can be blamed on Romney’s own Party, the conservative media, activists, and donors. Here is Republican David Frum on Morning Joe.

One thought on “What went wrong for Republicans?

  1. With the POTUS and DEMOS giving the GOPS everything they ever wanted but couldn’t get when Bush was the man, perhaps everything is going right for them.

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