A treasure trove of free online education

It began with Socrates. He asked the very question that world renowned Harvard Professor Michael Sandel discusses in the video lecture above: What is Justice? Now, the philosophical inquiry into justice will certainly never end. But open access to great philosophical lectures, from top notch professors, at elite schools has apparently come to a partial end. This is certainly “just” in my view. Open Culture has collected 550 “free” online courses from a number of universities covering a vast array of topics. Open Culture estimates that the 550 free online courses they’ve collected equals about 15,000 hours of free education. This should keep you busy for a while.

You can start with Professor Sandel’s Harvard lecture above. You can also visit Sandel’s Justice web page and jump right into the debate. Or please feel free to start the debate here on my blog. I’ve always enjoyed a good debate.

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